Highly Flexible


Pl@za 7 pricing is flexible to meet customer use cases and budgetary needs.  It is based on number of users, features, add-ons, and deployment strategy.


Deployment Options


Typically provided as SaaS service in our public cloud. Private cloud, third-party environments, and on-premise deployments are available.




Pl@za 7 scales well from simple portals to team collaboration to building communities with thousands of users and large enterprises with thousands of sites, portals, and hundreds of thousands of users.


As Low As $1


Pl@za 7 price as standard SaaS service can be as low as $1 per user a month, or lower. Training, customization and integration services and other one-time fees are charged separately.




Pl@za 7 has over 200 modules and applications delivering its rich features for different customer uses. In addition, add-ons such as Online Meeting and Online Store are available separately for implementation.



Contact us today to request a quote for your specific needs.