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Site Management

Create a new website instantly using site templates. Pages, page elements, configuration settings and default look-and-feel are established automatically making the site immediately available for content production. Change site look-and-feel and choose from different banner structures, such as multi-image and panel carousel banner, to generate new visual appearance for the site. Manage pages directly online or separately in the site structure. Help users navigate using a main menu linked to page structure, various additional menus, breadcrumb, site search, tag cloud as well as other search and navigation features. Lift site visability by using the system's search engine optimization (SEO) tools.



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Content Management

Page content, news releases, publications, announcements, notices and other content is all managed in the same user-friendly interface. Content management supports scheduled publishing, version control, language versioning, as well as cataloging using different vocabularies, subjects, status categories and own terms and tags. Documents, pictures, videos and recordings are published on pages directly from a media library, in which media is saved once for use in multiple places. Expanded descriptive fields, special fields (e.g. geolocation data) and Dublin Core fields can also be used as meta data for media items. Videos can be embedded directly from YouTube, and Media Gallery allows for organizing pictures and other media in different collections and groups for user access on the site. Users are able to quickly find desired content by using advanced searching such as tag cloud, vocabulary, media and document searches. In addition to site's general feedback and suggestion form, tailored forms for ordering, ebusiness and other online needs can easily be created using a custom forms tool.



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Workspaces can be added to support user collaboration based on topic, group and other business needs. Generally used tools, such as group calendar, messaging services, discussion boards, document and image folders, wiki, group activities, membership list, and other services are instantly available for members of the workspace. In addition to various services and applications, workspace administrator can also manage look-and-feel, pages and content in the workspace, as well as its members and their roles.



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Community Management

Members can join online communities automatically or through membership requests, or communities can be closed in which membership is granted separately. High member activity is encouraged by member blogs, discussion boards, wiki, content rating, commenting, connecting friends and sharing documents, pictures and videos. Member lists expand to members' own profile pages where they publish own content and which provides a wall for others to write posts. By publishing community activities members see what is happening in the community. Member activity level and interests can be measured and followed with polls and various activity meters. Integration to social media services such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other services ensures the growth of social networking and continued active use of your website.



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Pl@za Website Management System includes more than 100 ea. elements and applications which guide and control publishing sites, content, services, tools and functionality. Users with proper rights can add, delete and move these elements and applications on pages. Many applications, such as weather, map, unit conversion and dictionary, provide users added value when using on the site. Also, custom applications such as database applications and knowledge bases (e.g. FAQs, local history, support database) can be easily created, as needed. In addition, supported standards based apps (apps, gadgets, widgets) such as social apps, games and additional tools, can be added or downloaded from Google or other social media services, and published for use on websites, communities and portals.