TechCast Global Live with Pl@za 6


TechCast Global Logo
Teamware, Inc. is pleased to announce that TechCast Global selected Pl@za® 6 to power its new website at including a member portal and collective intelligence production system. TechCast Global is a research organization in the United States which provides forecasts and strategy services for governments, businesses and international organizations. TechCast Global Expert Panel includes hundreds of leading authorities around the world with advanced degrees and who work at the cutting edge of advanced fields. Pl@za® 6 is a website management system for creating dynamic Internet, extranet and intranet solutions, and versatile interactive services for them.

TechCast Global implementation included a complete redesign of its website and member site with access to premium research resources. Pl@za 6 website and member services were made responsive to mobile and other devices using HTML5, CSS3 and Responsive Design standards and technologies. Forecasts display visually appealing dynamic graphs with S-curves for technology adoption levels as well as bubble and bar charts for various forecast data and distributions. Pl@za 6 membership extensions enable member life cycle management including online applications, renewals, payments, membership communication, and access to online member communities. TechCast Global Expert Panel uses a Delphi method -based Pl@za 6 expert system for producing its forecasts collectively online in real-time.

Pl@za 6 is a powerful website management system which supports mobile site and responsive design implementations, W3C WCAG accessibility guidelines as well as system integration, identity management and single sign-on services using common industry standards such as Web Services (XML/SOAP, RESTful), LDAP, OpenSSO, OpenID and CAS. Pl@za 6 also supports SOA architecture as well as portal and portlet standards JSR 168, JSR 170 and JSR 268, and, therefore, fits well for advanced enterprise website and portal implementations.



Originally Published 4/18/2014