Teamware Website Updated


Teamware, Inc. Home Page Picture

Teamware, Inc. launched its updated corporate website at In addition to the new clean and modern look-and-feel of the website, its responsive design was improved to better adjust to mobile devices, and site content management system was upgraded to the next Pl@za 6.2 version currently under testing. Pl@za® 6 is a website management system for creating dynamic Internet, extranet and intranet solutions, and versatile interactive services for them.

The website was redesigned with a modern and crisp look also suitable for wide screen displays using flat design concepts, new fonts, large text sizes, and high resolution pictures. Rebuilding the site utilized HTML5, CSS3 and Responsive Design standards and technologies for automatic adaptation to smartphones, tablets, touchscreen displays, and other mobile and end-user devices. Special attention was paid in site readability as well as use of mobile menus and user-friendly site searching in mobile devices.

Pl@za 6 is a powerful website management system which supports mobile site and responsive design implementations, W3C WCAG accessibility guidelines as well as system integration, identity management and single sign-on services using common industry standards such as Web Services (XML/SOAP, RESTful), LDAP, OpenSSO, OpenID and CAS. Pl@za 6 also supports SOA architecture as well as portal and portlet standards JSR 168, JSR 170 and JSR 268, and, therefore, fits well for advanced enterprise website and portal implementations.



Originally Published 12/16/2014