Pl@za Powers New Trade Union Pro Member Portal


Pro Union Logo
SUORA Union and Union of Salaried Employees in Finland merged to form the new Trade Union Pro as of 12/11/2010. Pro is the largest private sector union of clerical employees in Finland representing 130 000 members and 255 unions. Pro has a staff of 180.

Pro's member portal was built using Pl@za Standard Solution 5 Website Mmanagement System. Member information is integrated with a membership management system maintained by Digia Oy. All 130 000 members can login to the portal for online member services. Membership is authenticated securely online against the membership database, and new passwords are delivered by email and SMS messaging. Member services also include interactive features such as member discussions, polls, event registrations, blogs and messaging between members.

In addition to portal content and group management features, Pl@za Standard Solution 5 offers Pro advanced site management capabilities. Hundreds of unions are able to easily maintain their independent member sites in the same system. Also, private workspaces are created online for working groups and boards to collaborate, as needed. Pl@za's advanced forms tool has been used to generate custom forms to facilitate communication between shop stewards and negotiators of collaborative agreements in different indrustries.

Teamware delivered the member portal as an ASP service in its Helsinki hosting facility.



Originally Published 11/7/2011