Teamware Makes Pl@za® 7.3 Available


Pl@za 7 Logo
Teamware, Inc. releases its next Pl@za 7.3 product version for customer implementations. Pl@za 7 is a modern digital experience platform for advancing digital transformations cost effectively for companies and organizations of all sizes.

With Pl@za 7.3 we continue our focus on enhancing user experiences and site and content management capabilities. Customer experience improvements now feature the ability to create customized error pages, user-friendly URLs and display page templates for documents and media files, as well as segment end-users by geolocation and display search suggestions as users type search terms. In addition, a new accessibility menu can be presented for setting preferences such as forcing all links to underline, increasing text character spacing, and stopping all motion and animation on pages. Administration usability has been increased by UI improvements in content page editing allowing for easier and more efficient page management as well as adding options for renaming and organizing fragment access.

Content Page Management Picture
Pl@za 7.3 has also improved site and content management efficiencies by offering better site cookie preferences management, page level favicons, expanded style settings for mobile widths, configurable page redirects by patterns, custom CSS and JavaScript extensions for fragments and pages, as well as version history for media library files and review date, content type, and version history in content dashboard. Publications features have been enhanced with a new user role and setting for assigned users to only work on the latest publications preventing production changes as well as a preview of draft pages and access to publications history.

Pl@za 7.3 AI capabilities have been extended. They now enable creating basic content with OpenAI’s ChatGPT, automating language translations with DeepL, tagging automatically on content update, and selecting chat bot services from an expanded list of integration options.

Security has been elevated by supporting PKCE (Proof Key for Code Exchange) when Pl@za is used as an OpenID Connect Client, adding CSP headers to HTTP responses, expanding OAuth security parameters, and setting expiration option for password reset links. In addition, headless API improvements feature configurable REST and GraphQL end points, size and depth limits, and support for publications. Pl@za 7.3 version also includes bug fixes and version updates to underlying database, platform, and infrastructure software, as well as security patches and application maintenance updates.



Originally Published 12/22/2023