Teamware's Pl@za® 7.2 Released


Teamware has released a new Pl@za 7.2 product version. Pl@za 7 is a modern website system for creating dynamic internet, extranet, and intranet solutions, and targeted digital user experiences and services for them.

Pl@za 7.2 Forms Picture
In developing Pl@za 7.2 we focused on enhancing current functionality. Content management allows hiding selected content page fragments in mobile widths, enables inline page content language versioning, and provides additional preview options for experiences. Style book custom styles have been expanded making visual design implemenations easier. Expiration scheduling has been added to documents and media files in the media library. Forms now support new fields for color picker, location search and date/time, more comprehensive numeric and date/time field validations, as well as response limits and expiration dates. Also, user interface texts and their language versions can now be conveniently replaced with a new online language override tool.

Pl@za 7.2 Online Store Picture
Pl@za online store has been redesigned and fully integrated with site and system administration enabling improved user experiences and easier store management. Customer accounts have been added to the online store allowing ordering by multiple buyers at client companies and organizations. Therefore, Pl@za online store fits well for custom online B2B commerce implementations supporting order payments by invoice.

Single sign-on options have been enhanced with OpenID Connect and OAuth 2.0 Custom Request parameter and JWT Assertion protocol support. Log4j2 vulnerability has been prevented. Headless API and REST support have been improved in system administration while old SOAP support has been retired. Pl@za 7.2 version also includes many bug fixes and version updates to underlying database, platform, and infrastructure software, as well as security patches and application maintenance updates.



Originally Published 12/19/2022