Pl@za® 7.1 Ready For Customers


Teamware, Inc. releases Pl@za 7.1 version for customer deliveries. Pl@za 7 is a modern website system for creating dynamic internet, extranet, and intranet solutions, and targeted digital user experiences and services for them.

Pl@za 7.1 Page Management Picture
Pl@za 7.1 product version makes it easier to build sites and manage pages. Style books and additional fragment settings now allow changing styles online. Site management is improved through additional features such as new tabs, cookie notice banner, drop down, collection, and menu display fragments. Support for master pages has been added which, together with page templates, enables needed control and flexibility for the use of custom pages. In addition, commenting on page fragments helps collaboration within site management. Pages can also be audited by Google for workstation and mobile usability and search engine optimization related issues. This audit provides a report directly on the page with update suggestions.

Pl@za 7.1 continues its product improvements in content management. Content translations to other languages can be separated to their own processes for management and authoring by others. Basic content may be translated manually, automatically by an artifical intelligence (AI) service, or exported in a standard format for sending to translation services suppliers. AI translation is enabled in settings making the feature instantly available. Selected basic content item can then be automatically translated to the desired language as a whole or field by field for review and changes. The AI-based translation service supports common languages such as English, Finnish, Swedish, etc. Other new content management features include creating dynamic collections, sharing content dashboard and asset libraries among multiple sites, as well as supporting site publications for scheduling and publishing several site changes together.

Pl@za 7.1 Content Translation Picture

New capabilities have also been added for site use. Users can be supported easier with an integrated chat service in which a suitable chat feature for a site is selected from several vendors and enabled through settings. Digital signatures can be collected for documents as needed by using an integration with DocuSign.

Technical improvements include 404 error code management and creating automatic redirects in the admin user interface. The new version also includes version updates to underlying database, platform, and infrastructure software, as well as security patches and application maintenance updates.



Originally Published 12/21/2021