Pl@za® 7.0 Version Now Available


Teamware, Inc. has made Pl@za 7.0 version for available for customer deliveries. Pl@za 7 is a contemporary portal and website system for creating dynamic Internet, extranet, and intranet solutions and targeted digital user experiences and services for them.  

Pl@za 7.0 Page Admin Picture
Pl@za 7 focuses in modernizing the system, improving content management, and adding new features for building today’s demanding online services. Digital customer experiences can now be tailored with personalized pages and services for different user segments. Users can be automatically segmented by different criteria for targeted content delivery.

European Union GDPR directives have generated new requirements for managing user data. Pl@za 7 supports data protection requirements with its new capabilities for anonymizing user information as well as exporting and removing user data. 

Many improvements have been developed to content and site management. Creating and editing page content has been made more user-friendly by simplifying views, editors and content previewing. Also, monitoring content usage on different pages has become easier. Building sites using a new page type enables building modern web page designs with customizable columns, pictures, menus, fragments, and components. In addition, direct inline editing on pages has been enhanced for more flexibility.

Pl@za 7.0 Media Library Share Picture
Media Library documents, pictures, and videos can be managed more effectively by selecting multiple files for adding categories and tags. Files can also be conveniently shared with others for review and comments. Google Docs integration enables user editing of documents directly online or in collaboration spaces without having to download them to local workstations. Custom content templates can be shared easier on different sites and can include location data for visualization in map views. 

Pl@za 7.0 Forms tool has been totally redesigned to support more advanced forms requirements. It now supports submitting attachments, paginating long forms, and using customized columns to present form fields. In addition, fields can be set conditional and data entered in them validated based on custom rules. New matrix field type has been added in order to allow creating questions in a table format.

System management improvements include user interface and navigation changes as well as more user-friendly management of configuration settings. Pl@za 7.0 version  revamps the technical side by modularizing system components with OSGi standards support for more rapid future development and maintenance. New technical capabilities include open APIs, including Headless API for application integration and custom application development, as well as the use of Bootstrap 4, GraphQL, Angular 8, and Java 8 technologies. In addition, page loading has been made faster and search has been enhanced for searching, displaying results, and offering more custom options as a result of switching to the Elasticsearch search engine. Finally, the new version includes system maintenance and security updates.



Originally Published 12/15/2020