Teamware Releases Pl@za® 6.2 Version


Pl@za 6.2 Admin Picture
Teamware, Inc. has released Pl@za® 6.2 version for customer implementations. Pl@za 6 is a website management system for creating dynamic internet, extranet and intranet solutions, and versatile interactive and social services for them.

Pl@za 6.2 features a completely redesigned more modern user interface as well as extends the use of HTML 5 and CSS3 standards and responsive technologies. Sites are now automatically created responsive to mobile devices, and menus were significantly improved for smart phones. Administrators are also able to use tablets and smart phones in site and content management. In addition, pages can now be previewed with various device profiles in a normal browser session.

Default site look-and-feel alternatives were made more attractive with new features. Tools for managing banner and footer areas, banner images or carousels, navigation options and social media integration are now available for customer site administrators. New content management functionality were added for categorization, tagging, searching and organizing content such as most viewed or popular content, content folders, site/member/friend directories, extended sharing of content across other sites, as well as trash bins, from which removed content can be recovered.

Pl@za 6.2 has a redeveloped event management functionality both visually and operationally. Examples include more appealing dynamic date icons, filtering event lists by types and categories, and accessing events by mobile devices. Calendars are now more user-friendly and support better personal and group calendars. New features include displaying multiple calendars dynamically in the same calendar view, creating events simply by highlighting its duration, sending notices to attendees, managing resources and their reservations with events, as well as automating event reminders by email.

Pl@za 6.2 also includes maintenance and security fixes as well as security improvements. Application integration options have been extended to accessing email accounts in the portal using IMAP and synchronizing calendars with mobile devices using iCal and CalDav standards. In addition, Microsoft Office documents can be synchronized automatically from desktops; editing and saving them in Media Library is supported directly from Word, Excel and other supported desktop applications, or by Sharepoint integration.

Pl@za 6 is a new website management system which supports W3C WCAG accessibility guidelines as well as system integration, outside authentication and single sign-on services using common industry standards such as Web Services (e.g. XML/SOAP, RESTful), LDAP, OpenSSO, OpenID and CAS. Pl@za 6 also supports SOA architecture as well as portal and portlet standards JSR 168, JSR 170 and JSR 268, and, therefore, fits well for advanced enterprise portal and eDesk implementations.



Originally Published 8/24/2015