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The Parliament of Finland rebuilt its new website with Teamware Pl@za® Website and Online Community Management System. Teamware Pl@za has been deployed locally on customer's Linux server.

The Parliament of Finland has the supreme decision-making authority in Finland. It consists of 200 Members of Parliament who are elected every four years using a direct proportional system. Parliament enacts legislation, approves the state budget, ratifies international treaties and oversees the Government of Finland.

The goal of the new website is to improve usability and access to the vast content Parliament offers in various information systems, as well as to provide a new visual online appearance. This was accomplished with new site structures, content reorganization, enhanced automated navigation tools, redesigned interface and improved search. Teamware Pl@za was also integrated to myriad of back-end databases, content repositories and legislative systems to automate the publishing and updating of current content on the website from them. The website also makes resources available as RSS feeds and online ordering processes. 

Language versions of the website were implemented in Finnish, Swedish, English and French using Teamware Pl@za's multilingual site and content versioning capabilities. Visitors can now move from a webpage, publication, article or other content directly to the same content in another language, and change the user interface to another language.

The website includes numerous subsites for the speaker and members of the parliament, parliamentary groups, councils and administrative offices, as well as workspaces for committees and taskforces. New subsites or workspaces are created instantly by authorized users with a push of a button generating a consistent look-and-feel and branding across the entire website. Tools are provided to manage the subsites, workspaces and site content by distributed staff, contractors, and other authorized users.

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Originally Published 11/10/2006