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Intranet Solutions

In addition to public and extranet websites, manage your organization's intranet in the same shared system or separately on an internal network. Departments, offices and other organizational units can maintain their own departmental intranet sites for content storing, publishing, communication and other business needs. Users can be synchronized from various directories, such as MS Active Directory, and user single sign-on to the intranet can be implemented in alternative ways. Content may be saved directly to intranet folders from user workstations as well as imported by integrating with databases and back office information systems.

Pl@za 6 Website Management System features:


Pl@za 6 Feature PictureIndependent Intranet Sites

Pl@za 6 Feature Picture Staff Directory

Pl@za 6 Feature PictureSingle Sign-on

Pl@za 6 Feature PictureUser Integration

Pl@za 6 Feature PictureSharePoint Integration

Pl@za 6 Feature PictureSystem Integration

Pl@za 6 Feature PictureWorkspaces

Pl@za 6 Feature PictureMessaging Services

Pl@za 6 Feature PictureCalendar

Pl@za 6 Feature PictureDiscussion Boards

Pl@za 6 Feature PictureMedia Library

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