Online Meeting Picture

Online Meeting

Adding Pl@za Online Meeting service on a site enables users with proper rights to hold real time meetings in workspaces and communities. It includes video conferencing, chat, white board and displaying/sharing presentations, files, browsers or applications to other meeting attendees. All services are provided in the browser without the need to install any application on client workstations or change local firewall settings. Video and voice are delivered over the Internet (VoIP).



Online Store Picture

Online Store

Maintain a product catalog and sell products as an added service on your website using Pl@za Online Store. Buyers select products to a shopping cart and pay online by credit card or PayPal. Online store supports various payment methods, shipping options, discount campaigns and volume discounts. For membership site implementations online store can be expanded to include application fees and renewal payments to access paid services and content.



Concurrent Document Collaboration Picture

Concurrent Collaboration

Pl@za can be integrated with Google Apps service to support concurrent editing of documents by multiple users. In this case, a new feature is added to media library's document management which automatically uploads the document to Google Apps service and enables concurrent editing, commenting and change control there. Saving the resulting final document saves it automatically back in the media library as a new version.



Member Life Cycle Management Picture

Member Life Cycle

For associations, societies, unions, and other membership organizations Pl@za 6 offers a versatile solution for member life cycle management. Features include support for different member types, online membership applications, application approvals as well as application and renewal fees and their online payments. Communication to members during their life cycle takes place automatically with its configuration, timing, and messages managed by customers. Membership notices include application receipt confirmation, application processing delay notice, login and instructions, renewal notices, overdue notices and payment receipts.  Membership expiration automatically processes changes in member statuts, type and rights, as well as disables login access to member site.



Collective Intelligence Production Picture

Collective Intelligence

In addition to standard capabilities for collaboration and social interaction Pl@za 6 website can be extended with a solution for collective intelligence production. Experts are brought together to debate and solve difficult questions, problems, strategies, and other topics requiring a join effort facing future research, environment, society or organizations. Features include participating in surveys and problem solving using a tailored online Delphi-based expert system where responses and contributions are tabulated in dynamic summaries and graphs for feedback and iterative updating, and for forming conclusions.