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Consulting Services

For both Pl@za and other content management and information systems clients Teamware's experienced staff is ready to help and service as consultants. Assignments can take place on project basis or over a longer period as retained services as needed. Customer benefits from the know-how and experience of consultants and industry best practices to accomplish goals or solve problems. Teamware works always in good cooperation with IT and other departments of the customer organization as well as with other technology and service suppliers in the best interest of the customer.

Consulting services for varying installations:


Teamware Service PictureOperating Systems, Upgrades

Teamware Service PictureDatabases, Upgrades

Teamware Service Picture OpenSource Applications, Upgrades

Teamware Service PictureService Configurations, Changes

Teamware Service PictureSecurity Checks, Maintenance

Teamware Service PictureSystem, Security Planning

Teamware Service Picture Expert Opinions, Reports

Teamware Service PictureWebsite Design

Teamware Service PictureMobile Services Design

Teamware Service PictureIdentity Management Design

Teamware Service PicturePerformance and Scalability Tests

Teamware Service PictureWebsite Functional Tests

Teamware Service PictureDevelopment, Integration Work

Teamware Service PictureContent Conversion