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Pl@za Website Management System is fully open, browser and standards-based product. It adapts well into various technical infrastructures, and integrates easily with other back office information systems, databases and services.

By utilizing the newest HTML5 and CSS3 standards and responsive design techniques, websites can be used automatically with tablets and mobile devices. Read more about responsive design.



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Identity Management

Pl@za sits well into existing identity management environments. User information and rights can be integrated directly from different directories such as Microsoft Active Directory, Novell eDirectory, LDAP and other supported user directories. Users login with user ids, such as email addresses or other ids, and passwords, which strength and duration requirements can be defined and changed as needed. Pl@za supports OpenSSO, OpenID, WinSSO, Facebook-login and other standards-based single sign-on methods.



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MS Office Integration

Saving directly to Pl@za Media Library folder from a workstation improves user content productivity and collaboration. Pl@za supports selected folder synchronization, WebDAV connection as well as opening, editing and saving MS Office documents directly from MS Office application in a Pl@za folder.



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SharePoint Integration

Pl@za supports Microsoft SharePoint integration for automated publishing and use of content. SharePoint documents can be edited, cataloged and tagged in Pl@za Media Library. SharePoint folder can also be mounted as a virtual folder using CMIS standard, in which case documents are not actually stored in Pl@za Media Library but published as copies directly from SharePoint.



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Integration Standards

Pl@za supports commonly used standards for content, systems, database, application and services integration such as RSS, OpenSocial, CMIS, XML, WebServices, SOAP, SQL and open APIs. In addition, Pl@za supports portal standards JS170, JS168 and JS268.



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Technology Platforms

Pl@za Website Management System utilizes various open and open source technologies such as Java, Linux, PostgreSQL, Lucene, Liferay and others in customer implementations. It can be deployed on Linux, Windows and Solaris servers using PostgreSQL, SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle and other relational database management systems. For more demanding needs or higher service level requirements, Pl@za can be installed on server cluster configurations, as well as use various crisis management, Cold and Hot Site options.