Teamware Releases Pl@za 6 Version

Teamware Releases Pl@za 6 Version

Pl@za 6 LogoBethesda, MD, November 9, 2011 - Teamware, Inc. is excited to announce that its newest product version Pl@za 6 is now available for customer deployments. Pl@za 6 is a website management system for creating dynamic Internet, extranet and intranet solutions, and versatile interactive services for them.

Pl@za 6.0 content management capabilities have been reworked to enable more user-friendly and versatile content production, page management and site creation. Production processes have been consolidated and user interfaces have been modernized. Content can now be categorized and cataloged more effectively with subjects, vocabularies, categories and tags. Vocabularies, categories and tags are also used for the implementation of new searches such as vocabulary search and tag cloud. Pl@za 6.0 supports adding dynamic content listings to pages based on conent type, subject, categories and tags enabling users faster access to relevant content. Scheduled publishing, approval workflow, automated review notifications, version control and language versioning have all improved noticeably in Pl@za 6.0.

In addition, Pl@za 6.0 extends its community and collaboration capabilities and integrates better with social media services. Besides page and news releases, RSS feeds can now be created from events, blogs, discussions and content listings. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other social media services can be integrated for content sharing, publishing, linking and single-sign-on. Pl@za 6.0 new services include wiki, users my pages, content rating and commenting, as well as custom forms tool and search engine optimization (SEO).

Product technology has been upgraded to better support W3C WAI accessibility guidelines as well as system integration, outside authentication and single sign-on services using common industry standards such as Web Services (XML/SOAP, RESTful), LDAP, OpenSSO, OpenID and CAS. Pl@za 6 supports SOA architecture as well as portal and portlet standards JSR 168, JSR 170 and JSR 268, and thus, fits well for advanced Enterprise Portal and website implementations.

About Teamware

Teamware, Inc. is an employee-owned international software company headquartered in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area in the United States. It develops, delivers, and supports software and services for new Web 3.0 -based website implementations. During 15 years Pl@za® Website Management Systems have powered thousands of websites in tens of countries around the world. Standard Pl@za 6 is available as a SaaS service or for local deployments at customer sites, and as a custom solution for demanding customer-specific requirements. For further information please visit us at


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