Pl@za 6.1 Now Available

Teamware's Pl@za 6.1 Version Available

Pl@za 6 LogoBethesda, MD, May 10, 2012 - Teamware, Inc. announces the availability of its next product version Pl@za 6.1 for customer implementations. Pl@za is a website management system for creating dynamic Internet, extranet and intranet solutions, and versatile interactive services for them.

Pl@za 6.1 version extends content language versioning and metadata management, improves media support, renews frequently answered questions and expands support for custom knowlegde and database applications. Different language versions of content can be easily produced and edited together, and user can change site and content language without loosing his place. Also, default categories, subject and service vocabularies are provided with the system. Metadata fields for documents and different media formats have been added, and the use of optional descriptive fields such as Dublin Core, geolocation or custom fields, have been enabled.

Pl@za 6.1 supports playing images, videos and sound tracks directly in the browser both in content management and publishing in image and media galleries. Also, preview and thumbnails of PDF documents, images and videos make browsing of media library, document listings and media galleries even more appealing for users. In addition to creating custom forms, Pl@za 6.1 now enables the building of custom database applications. After user-friendly database mapping, custom database application can be added on the site for data capture and display using default forms, or by using custom entry and display templates. For frequently answered questions, support, product information or history one can create custom knowledge bases where content can be added in a hierarchy and by giving priorities thus improving access.

Pl@za 6.1 technical advances include OpenSocial and CMIS standards support. New strandards-based supported social applications can be added to pages from social media and other services. Virtual drives and folders can be created from outside sources for documents and other media files. In addition, MS SharePoint integration is supported for direct content publishing.

Pl@za 6 is a new website management system which supports W3C WAI accessibility guidelines as well as system integration, outside authentication and single-sign-on services using common industry standards such as Web Services (XML/SOAP, RESTful), LDAP, OpenSSO, OpenID and CAS. Pl@za 6 also supports SOA architecture as well as portal and portlet standards JSR 168, JSR 170 and JSR 268, and, therefore, fits well for advanced enterprise website and portal implementations.

About Teamware

Teamware, Inc. is an employee-owned international software company headquartered in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area in the United States. It develops, delivers, and supports software and services for new Web 3.0 -based website implementations. During 15 years Pl@za® Website Management Systems have powered thousands of websites in tens of countries around the world. Standard Pl@za 6 is available as a SaaS service or for local deployments at customer sites, and as a custom solution for demanding customer-specific requirements. For further information please visit us at


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